GraceWorks Ministries: Hope for the Holidays

Some of my favorite stories I have written cover the good stewards of our community that are making a difference in the lives of those that may not have it so easy. The December issue of SOUTHERN EXPOSURE MAGAZINE is a beautiful holiday issue showcasing our wonderful Franklin, TN community. My article covers GRACEWORKS MINISTRIES who have been around for 20 years helping those in need with food, clothing and financial assistance – especially during the holidays – and are not short of heartwarming stories.

In 2014, they fulfilled 40,906 needs valued at $3.5 million. There were 40,000 volunteer hours calculated, averaging 250 volunteers a week and 250 volunteers a day at Christmas time. In 2015, they have had over 10,000 requests for help, giving away a million dollars worth of food alone.

But, those are just numbers. The real story begins like this:

A mother chooses to leave her abusive husband. The last time she is walking out the door with her son and leaving her home, the husband is angry and purposely drives over the son’s Tonka trunk in the driveway; he drives over it and over it again. That prompted Mom to visit the Thrift Store at GraceWorks . . .

You can find a copy of the article, “GraceWorks Ministries: Hope for the Holidays” here:

 GraceWorks Ministries

Tina Edwards

Tina Edwards, President & CEO

“All day, every day we hear heartbreaking stories,” says Edwards. For those who need help, it is a picture of many different faces. “It’s situational, it’s generational, they’re the elderly, people with disabilities,” says Edwards. She adds, ”It’s not necessarily about someone below an income level, they could show us a tax return from last year, and it would all look fine, but then something happens. A lot can happen in a year, in just a few weeks, and you’re not the same as last year.”

The GraceWorks Ministries Thrift Store has an abundance of clothing, home furnishings and Christmas decorations available for sale that help fund their programs.

ThriftStoreHomeGoogdslr TinaEdwards2lr

A GraceWorks delivery truck is often used to deliver items to area families, and it is not unusual to see Tina driving the truck herself.

The December / Holiday 2015 issue of Southern Exposure Magazine is their 13th Anniversary Edition.


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