Man and Horse Ride 4,500 Miles

Leslie Fender & Angel Leiper's ForkWell-equipped like any cowboy and horse traveling across the American West, donning duster and chaps, lariat and saddle bags. An unassuming cowboy and his horse, Angel, politely sit and talk with us as we learn more about his 4,500 ride by horseback starting in Dublin, TX in April 2012. Riding through hurricanes in Florida, the steep hills of Eastern Kentucky, the rough parts of downtown Detroit, his real story noted in a journal is yet to be written. We find him in Leiper’s Fork, TN on his way to Evergreen, AL where he’ll settle and live for two years. His faithful mare will be bred, though he hasn’t picked the stallion yet. “She’ll know the right one,” he claims. The story can be found in the January issue of Validity Magazine. Available in racks from Nashville to Florence. Photo by Anthony Scarlati.


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