Santa & The Sage Horse – A Holiday Poem

‘Tis the season to be cheery and bright

For giving, receiving and everything right.

It’s Christmas Eve, a big night of dreams

Surprises and happiness come it seems.

When elves wrap gifts and pack the sleigh

Santa and reindeer will be on their way.

Here at the stables sleigh bells ring

Horses’ breath blows and whinnies sing.

The Sage Horse stands and waits to see

If Santa will stop and leave them a treat.

When out of the darkness Santa is there

With a jolly ole’ laugh and presents to bare.

Santa says, “I hear you whisper good tidings to all.”

Sage Horse says, “I do if they listen and hear my call.”

Santa says, “You’re lucky you give the whole year through.

I get one night and from out of the blue.”

Sage Horse says, “That’s ok to be just a dream.”

“Good things come to those who believe.”

So Santa and Sage Horse make a pact

Sage Horse will work until Santa comes back.

While the reindeer soar up to the skies

Our horses stand with hope in their eyes.

They all believe, whether magic or true

All is there to grow and be You.

Santa left them with new winter coats

And, tasty treats of peppermint and oats.

He reminded them, too, of those without much

To spread love and kindness and a tender touch.

The horses frolic in the chilly night air

Happy to know Santa and the dreams they share.

R. Bauer 2012



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