The Sage Horse In The News Again

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July 21, 2012 by Rebecca Bauer

Well, the blog is a little overdue for an update so here’s a start.  The Sage Horse Center for Equine Assisted Learning has been growing steadily since September of 2011, including a half a dozen workshops, some team-building and group therapy.  We’ve steadily been making “hoof prints” as the community becomes more aware of the mission of the Sage Horse – to provide experiential learning opportunities with horses while helping humans achieve positive growth.  Published this week was a nice article in The Williamson Herald.  Here’s the link: The Williamson Herald. It feels really good when your local media contacts you because they’re interested in your story rather than having to force the PR out there.  This is the third publication to publish a story on the Sage Horse in 9 months! Programs are being developed and scheduled for the remaining of 2012…that news to come!

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