“Saturday in the Park” is ringing in my ears…


December 10, 2010 by Rebecca Bauer


Sitting down with two members of the band CHICAGO was simply amazing!  Had a great conversation with Jason Scheff and Robert Lamm while they were recording at the Sound Kitchen in Franklin…the nicest guys in the world.  Not to mention, a whole separate interview with legendary producer Phil Ramone (that story still to come).  Many thanks to Ira Blonder at the Sound Kitchen for setting this up.  Here’s the profile story from Southern Exposure Magazine, SEM Profile: Chicago 12/10, w/Photography by Anthony Scarlati. (And, visit to get your subscription!)

2 thoughts on ““Saturday in the Park” is ringing in my ears…

  1. Their first 5 albums still hold up incredibly well.. Here’s hoping they eschew their ballady second half of their career in fovor of the good stuff.

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