Winter Ride







I know

this time of year –

the skies of December.

Brisk air arrives quicker than my

next breath.

The earth

I feel begins

to undress and open

herself up to bare all and be


I breath,

I cleanse myself.

Everything becomes clear.

Gone is the suffocation of


I steal

time and tack up

my tri-colored paint mare

who’s strong and steadfast.  I love that

about her.

Her name

is Mighty Star

Poco. We rise and fall

over knolls and valleys in great


I forget

everything that

saddles my own shoulders –

that which rides me until I’m down.

We gallop

like wind

long past sunset.

Darkness comes alive as

the moon, in all its earthshine, glows


the fields.

Venus is bright

and flirting with the moon.

The most beautiful reflection

on earth.

The mare

snorts with rapture.

I have abandoned all,

but this animal that make makes me


R. Bauer 


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