Jazz and Marketing

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July 30, 2009 by Rebecca Bauer

I always love to find new points of view on business – take jazz music and marketing.  Here is something I found a while back on what jazz music could teach marketing.  The original article was written by Keith Jennings, director of planning and marketing for Hamilton Health Care System.  In short, he points out the lessons to be learned:

  1. Practice, practice, practice
  2. Play with people better than you
  3. Find your unique voice
  4. Be collaborative
  5. Marketing your business is a live experiment
  6. Innovation demands risk
  7. Know your audience

As jazz music evolved out of new changes and expressions, so has the need for new ways to market your business.  Just the explosion of social networking alone has brought marketing to a new level.  Jazz musicians end up on stage with the energy to collaborate and do their best work, even if they don’t quite know the end result.  Finding new ways to motivate, having the right talent, focus and ability to innovate, will have people listening.

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